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The following manuals have been collected over time and are provided for your convenience and reference. Astradyne (UK) acknowledges the rights of the copyright holder for all material shown.

To view the manual click on the version link in the list below, you will need to have Acrobat reader (or any other PDF viewer) installed.  To download the latest free version of Acrobat Reader, click here and follow the instructions.  All of the documents shown below will open a new browser window. 

IBM Manuals

ADTS ADM Installation and Planning Guidev3r1  
ADTS ADM Self-Study Guidev3r6  
ADTS ADM User Guidev3r7  
ADTS Application Development Manager (ADM) APIsv3r6  
ADTS Application Dictionary Services Self-Study Guidev3r6  
ADTS Application Dictionary Services User Guidev3r6  
ADTS Data File Utility (DFU)v3r1  
ADTS File Compare and Merge Utilityv3r1  
ADTS Interactive Source Debugger (ISDB)v3r1  
ADTS Programming Development Manager (PDM)v3r1  
ADTS Report Layout Utilityv4r2  
ADTS Screen Design Aid (SDA)v4r2  
Advanced Function Printing (AFP) Utilitiesv4r2  
API Conceptsv5r3  
Application Display Programmingv4r1  
AS/400 Sort User's Guide and Referencev3r1  
CL Programmingv5r1  
COBOL Referencev3r0  
COBOL Users Guidev3r0  
Common Programming API's Toolkitv3r7  
Cryptographic Supportv3r1  
Database and File API'sv5r3X  
DB2 UDB for iSeries: Database Performance and Query Optimizationv5r2  
DDS Reference - Database Filesv5r1  
DDS Reference - Display Filesv5r1  
DDS Reference ICF Filesv5r1  
GDDM Referencev3r1  
HTTP Server Programming Guidev4r5  
HTTP Server Webmasters Guidev4r5  
ILE Application Development Examplesv4r1  
ILE C Language Referencev4r4  
ILE C MI Library Referencev3r7  
ILE C Programmers Guidev4r4  
ILE C Referencev4r4  
ILE C Run Time Library Referencev4r4  
ILE COBOL Programmers Guidev4r4  
ILE COBOL Referencev5r2  v4r4  
ILE COBOL Reference Summaryv4r4  
ILE Conceptsv5r1  
ILE RPG Programmers Guidev5r1  v4r4  
ILE RPG Referencev5r4  v5r1  v4r4  
ILE RPG Reference Summaryv5r1  v4r4  
Introducing ADTS for OS/400v3r6  
Operations Navigatorv5r1  
Operations Navigator Application Administrationv5r1  
Operations Navigator Management Centralv5r1  
OS/2 REXX From Bark to ByteOS/2 v2r1  
REXX Programmers Guidev4r1  
REXX Referencev4r1  
RPG/400 Programmers Guidev3r0  
RPG/400 Referencev3r0  
SQL Call Level Interface (ODBC)v5r1  
SQL DB2 UDB for AS/400 SQL Referencev5r1  
SQL Messages and Codesv5r1  
SQL Programming Conceptsv5r1  
SQL Programming with Host Languagesv5r1  
SQL Referencev5r1  
System API Programmingv4r1  
TCP/IP Configuration and Referencev4r1  
Tips and Tools for Securing Your AS/400v4r1  
Toolbox for Java Setup Guidev4r1  
VisualAge C++ for AS/400 Library Referencev3r6  
Workstation Customisation Programmingv4r3  
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IBM Online

Information Center: OS/400 APIsv5r1  v4r5  
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IBM Redbooks

Advanced Functions & Admin on DB2 UDB for iSeriesv5r1  
AS/400 AnyNet Scenariosv3r1  
AS/400 APPN Configuration Guidev2r3  
AS/400 Email Capabilitiesv4r1  
AS/400 Internet Security Scenariosv4r5  
AS/400 Mail & Multiple SMTP Domains Behind a Firewallv4r4  
AS/400 Performance Managementv3r1  v3r7  
AS/400 Printing Vv4r5  
AS/400 Programming with VisualAgev3r1  
AS/400 Security and Auditingv3r1  
AS/400e Diagnostic Tools for System Administratorsv4r5  
BRMS for AS/400v4r5  
Consolidating Windows 2000 Servers in iSeriesv4r5  
DB2 UDB for AS/400 Operations Navigatorv4r5  
Domino Sizing and Performance Tuningv5r1  
HTTP Server (Apache)v5r1  
HTTP Server Performance Tipsv4r4  
Implementation Guide for Security & Auditingv3r1  
Implementing Linux on the iSeriesv5r1  
Implementing NT on Integrated Netfinity Serverv4r4  
JDE Oneworld Implementationv4r5  
JDE Oneworld XE Implementationv5r1  
Linux Integration with AS/400v5r1  
LPAR Configuration and Managementv5r1  
Moving to ILEv3r1  
Preparing for and Tuning the SQL Query Engine on DB2 for i5/OSv5r4  
RPG IV, A Sorcerers Guidev4r4  
Service Tools User IDs and Passwordsv5r4  
Slicing the AS/400 with LPARv4r4  
SQL Performance Diagnosisv5r3  
System Administrators Companion to Availability & Recoveryv4r2  
TCP/IP Tutorial & Technical Overviewv5r1  
Unleashing AS/400 Applications on the Internetv3r7  
Using MQ/Series on the AS/400v4r2  
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IBM Redpapers

Bring PHP to your iSeries ServerClick  
BRMS for OS/400Click  
High Availability on the AS/400Click  
HTTP Server vs ApacheClick  
RPG APIsClick  
RPG: Exception and Error HandlingClick  
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DB2 SQL Cookbookv9  
DB2 UDB for iSeries: Coding Techniques for SQL PerformanceClick  
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