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The following hints, tips and faq's have been collected over a number of years whilst working on the AS/400 and iSeries platforms. 

To display the hint or tip, click on the link in the index below.  Due to restrictions within the Hints and Tips database some entries have been abridged. However a PDF or Microsoft Word document may available and will be indicated by the presence of either or .

To view PDF documents you will need to have Acrobat reader (or any other PDF viewer) installed.  To download the latest free version of Acrobat Reader, click here and follow the instructions.  PDF and MS Word documents will open a new browser window. 

Lavastorm Analytic Engine (LAE/BRAIN)

  1. Coding Subroutines Within BRAINScript
  2. Ensure that the “Convert CCSID 65535” option is set within the ODBC Data Source
  3. Filtering Data Using the DB Query Node
  4. Qualify File Names With a Runtime Parameter
  5. Running Programs and Commands on the iSeries
  6. Set the ODBC Data Source Names to be the same as the server
  7. Sharing Local Libraries
  8. Using the Lookup Node With Numeric Data
  9. When Setting up DB Query Nodes Use Run Time Parameter Variables for Connection Details

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