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11. SQL

The following hints, tips and faq's have been collected over a number of years whilst working on the AS/400 and iSeries platforms. 

To display the hint or tip, click on the link in the index below.  Due to restrictions within the Hints and Tips database some entries have been abridged. However a PDF or Microsoft Word document may available and will be indicated by the presence of either or .

To view PDF documents you will need to have Acrobat reader (or any other PDF viewer) installed.  To download the latest free version of Acrobat Reader, click here and follow the instructions.  PDF and MS Word documents will open a new browser window. 


  1. Avoiding Errors When Dropping Tables, etc, in an SQL Script
  2. Date Handling Techniques
  3. FAQ: SQL Packages  
  4. IBM Dummy File
  5. Querying the Index Adviser
  6. Removing Change Codes from Source Members
  7. Removing Duplicate Records
  8. Setting Change Date and Time Values Using SQL
  9. User Defined Function (UDF) Returning "Not Found" Error
Embedded SQL
  1. Examples of Using SQL in a Free Format RPG Program
  2. SQL0305 and Indicator Variables  
  1. Formatting Numeric Dates as Real Dates
  2. Hierarchical Recursion
  3. Identifying Row and Sub-Row Numbers
  4. Limiting Result Sets in SQL

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