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7. Programming

The following hints, tips and faq's have been collected over a number of years whilst working on the AS/400 and iSeries platforms. 

To display the hint or tip, click on the link in the index below.  Due to restrictions within the Hints and Tips database some entries have been abridged. However a PDF or Microsoft Word document may available and will be indicated by the presence of either or .

To view PDF documents you will need to have Acrobat reader (or any other PDF viewer) installed.  To download the latest free version of Acrobat Reader, click here and follow the instructions.  PDF and MS Word documents will open a new browser window. 

CL Programming

  1. Identifying the Calling Program in the Stack
  2. Reading Records by Key Value in a CL Program  
  3. Using Message Files to Store OPNQRYF QRYSLT Parameters  
RPG Programming
  1. Accessing the LDA from RPG Programs  
  2. Coding Function Keys without Indicators  
  3. Date Manipulation - Common Date Conversions in RPG
  4. Date Manipulation - Converting a Date Field to JDE (Julian) Format
  5. Loading to the End of an Array
  6. Using Named Indicators in RPG IV and ILE  

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