Astradyne (UK) Ltd


Contract Resource

We are able to provide contract resource to cover:

  • Programming - RPG, CL, ILE, VisualRPG, SQL

  • Operations and Support

  • Systems Management

Consultancy Services

We can provide consultancy services on a one-off basis or as part of a project:

  • Security Review & Audit

  • Performance Review

  • PTF Review, Loading & Application

  • Operating System Upgrades

  • Hardware Upgrade Management

PW Consulting

We are a business partner for PW Consulting (Ontario, Canada) providing marketing, sales, support and customisation services for their Utility Support Software in the UK.

PW Consulting is a global solutions provider and integrator for the PC, Web and AS400 platforms, providing support, pre-packaged and custom software solutions to small utility companies, distributors, warehouses and manufacturers. Please contact us for further details on USS/400 or visit their website at

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